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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Napping for the Common Good

I’ve been watching with interest the public service ads that rotate through the top of the screen over at Protocols. First off, I think it's a very civic-minded thing to add to one’s site…and in addition it occasionally makes easily-distracted readers like me go, ‘hmmmmm’.

For instance, today when I stopped in for my daily dose from 'the elders', I noticed the ad from VolunteerMatch.org at the top asking:

Want to Volunteer? We’ll help you find an opportunity for whatever you like doing, today!”

Being a total slacker-at-heart, I immediately thought, “Cool! Hook me up with a nice napping opportunity. I can take a snooze…and it will be considered altruistic!”

Can anyone tell I stayed up past my bedtime last night?

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Speaking of public service announcements, two days ago in class (I teach English to adults) we were talking about things that bother us. For example, people making loud noise at a party, littering, letting your dog to its business in the middle of the sidewalk (I always take a plastic baggie with me whenever I walk my dog). I think Israel should put on PSA's telling people to pick up after their dogs and not litter. The only ones I notice doing this (cleaning up) are the Russian immigrants. These PSA's should be publicized every day until people start to understand that it's not very nice to step in their dog's s--t!

Posted by: Chaya Eitan | May 10, 2004 4:49:30 PM

Um...ok. I'll get right on that.

Posted by: David | May 10, 2004 5:10:35 PM

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