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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Coincidence? I think not.

Have you ever noticed that out of the random chaos of everyday life there occasionally emerges something resembling a pattern? Well, over the last 24 hours, life threw me a few ordinary things that I can’t help but see as somehow related to one another.

First, my sister and brother-in-law sent a nice care package of DVDs for the kids. Among them was the oft-requested Finding Nemo.

Next came Chuck’s very pleasant riff on the L.A. Sushi bar where he and Beth like to eat and star gaze.

Then, when I came home after work today, I found the kids watching ‘Nemo’ (with roughly half the neighborhood) in our living room. In retrospect, I should have seen the fish theme developing right there…but instead I went downstairs to check my e-mail, and what should be waiting in my inbox? The following picture (look closely):




Sometimes life leaves little post-it® notes saying, “Coincidence? I think not!”

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But most of us don't bother to 'connect the dots!' So, what did you do with all that information? What meaning does it have in the cosmos of our lives? Something sounds fishy!

Shabbat Shalom!


Posted by: Chaya Eitan | May 7, 2004 5:41:39 PM

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