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Thursday, March 18, 2004

A little housekeeping

As much as I enjoy a good read, lately I have become increasingly obsessed with photologs (don’t worry…I promise to maintain the current prose-to-image ratio here at treppenwitz).

I have already written about my vicarious enjoyment of Abandoned Places - the photolog of a Dutch airline pilot who likes sneaking into abandoned hotels, hospitals and factories to take pictures.

I also get my regular ‘zen’ fix over at Superhero Journal, where Andrea serves up a soothing mix of fantastic photography and quiet wisdom.

My latest discovery (actually, my wife pointed it out to me) can probably be chalked up to my being a little home sick for NYC. It is a rough-and-tumble photolog by a Brooklyn-based photographer who documents urban decay and kooky signage. If you get a chance, go check out ‘Satan’s Laundrymat’. Not only is it a fantastic name for a site...but I really get a kick out of seeing familiar places that I used to pass on my way to and from gigs. [sigh]

You may also have noticed that some of the links have changed on my ‘good readin’ list. A couple of new ‘faces’ have been added, and a few old favorites have slipped away. In the next few days I’m going to take a look at my 'neat places' list and see if my current surfing habits might be better represented by shaking up that list as well.

Anyway…just one more bit of business:

Thanks for continuing to stop by.

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