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Monday, February 09, 2004

Waiting for a sign

My little sister and her husband have one of the most fascinating (to me, anyway) pieces of art in their bathroom. No, wait…really…I’m going somewhere with this!

Anyway, this 'art' is a framed contact sheet of photographs showing various Manhattan movie theater marquees….each displaying a pithy haiku (lessee now…Shift-F7…nope, there really isn’t another type of haiku…sorry, I just love using that word 'pithy'. In fact, say it a bunch of times fast and see if it doesn’t make you want to sashay! Hookay, I really gotta try the decaf).

Anyway, back to my sister’s bathroom, shall we?

Every time I go to her place, I am irrisistably drawn to that framed collection of public poetry, and can’t keep myself from reading each one…again. Now, don’t feel bad about what you’re thinking. Even I get that ‘rain man’ vibe when I catch myself in there, helplessly re-reading the haiku.

I think the problem is that we are conditioned to pay special attention to public signage, even when (maybe especially when) said signage is in a picture. Perhaps in today’s over-saturated visual landscape we might miss more than we once did, but just try to drive by a movie marquee, a highway billboard, or a church sign without reading what’s written there. I have two words for you: Burma Shave! We just can’t stop ourselves from reading!!!

Anyway, the point of this entry (besides the oh-so-very-subtle hint to my baby sister that she must obtain a copy of that photograph for me to hang in my bathroom!) is that I recently stumbled across a web site where you can spend lots of no-longer-productive time creating your very own church signs. I’m not making this up! Click here to see my latest effort.

Go here to give it a whirl.

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