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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Snow daze

It snowed here in central Israel last night. It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does…people go absolutely insane.

We got no more than 5 inches (a 'dusting' that would go unnoticed by any self-respecting New Englander), but here in Israel, EVERYTHING immediately shut down.

The busses stopped running…urgent e-mails flew around the community as to whether the roads were open (for awhile the army closed them due to slippery conditions)…local stores and restaurants closed…all of the local schools announced (more than 12 hours in advance) that classes would be cancelled for the morning. Even the concert I was supposed to play was cancelled!

To ‘listen’ to the frantic tone in some of the announcements and e-mails, one would think that the Israeli equivalent of the Donner party had just called in their entrée choices via cell phone.

Speaking of food (smooth segue, no?), the kids got my special 'snow day menu' for breakfast this morning:

Hot Cocoa Fresh Orange Juice Hot Apple Oatmeal Pastry De Jour (Zahava has been on quite the baking jag lately so the choices included brownies and assorted muffins)

Ariella had her friend Ayelet for a sleepover last night, who now thinks our kids get the royal treatment every morning!

For the Connecticut Yankees, this storm was just a little break in the routine. I got to strap on my X-country skis and kick/glide around Efrat for a few hours last night. And, after breakfast this morning the kids got to go sledding / snowman-making in one of the local parks.

I’m working from home today since I didn’t want to contend with Israeli drivers (a daunting group under ideal driving conditions) on the icy roads. If anyone wants to try to distract me (that shouldn’t be too hard) my AOL and Yahoo Instant Messenger screen name is: BogieWorks. I'll be signed on most of the day, so say hello and maybe I’ll point the old web cam out the window for you.

In the mean time, here is a shot from the back balcony:


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