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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Mystery solved...

For several weeks now I have been pondering the nearly constant presence of a stray cat next to our front door. The cat is not remarkable in any way...just your typical mottled 'community effort' that one sees wandering the streets of Efrat. So why did this cat suddenly take up a vigil outside our house?

For the benefit of those who fancy themselves experts in what makes the feline brain tick, let me assure you we have not knowingly provided any food, drink or other enticement. In fact, our dog Jordan frequents the front yard on a regular basis. Jordan is a very happy-go-lucky dog, and would no sooner harm a cat than any other living thing that ventured into her domain (with the one caveat that she is very protective of Zahava and the kids when she feels they are being threatened). But when we let her out into the yard, she invariably races over to give the cat a neighborly sniff, which startles the bajeezes out of the cat! I guess this one has had some mixed experiences with canines, and wants nothing to do with Jordan's friendly advances. However, the moment we and / or the dog have vacated the yard, back comes the cat.

I looked for signs that perhaps the cat had hidden a litter of kittens somewhere nearby...nothing. I even checked to see if perhaps we had inadvertently made some corner of the yard a little too inviting a shelter...still nothing.

Then last night, as I returned from dropping off the baby-sitter, I peeked through the trees that shield the front yard from the street... and EUREKA!, there was the answer!

One of the creature comforts we brought with us from the 'States is my big Weber grill. This center of carnivorous manliness sits brooding beneath its cover, beside our front door... obediently waiting to do my bidding. I grill a couple of times a week, even in inclement weather...anything and everything: chicken, dogs, sausage, burgers, ribs, and occasionally even steaks, pass their sizzling time on the smoky surface of the gill. Well, one of the byproducts of all this cooking is a fair amount of grease that drips down into a beautifully designed receptacle underneath the Weber. I never gave it much thought...that is until last night when I spotted the offending cat up on its hind legs licking the grease out of the drip pan. With winter setting in, this slimy repository must have presented an irresistible treat for our furry nuisance.

I guess from now on, I will have to add 'REMOVE DRIP PAN FROM BBQ' to my post-grilling check list… right after "EAT TO THE POINT OF DISCOMFORT'.

Anyway, nothing here worthy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or Elizabeth George...But yet, some satisfaction in being able to finally say, "Mystery solved".


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