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Monday, January 19, 2004

A great rant...

The following is a rant (alas, not mine...although I completely concur) directed at parents who inflict their unruly kids on polite company. It was posted on one of the sites I frequent, and I couldn't resist passing it along. Although I don't know the true identity of the 'ranter', the e-mail address at the end of the rant might still work if you want to pass along your thoughts to someone who claims it as his / her own work:

To those with children:

If your kids cannot keep from screaming and running and destroying all in sight for the length of a single trip to the grocery / book / department store, leave the little urchins at home. I don't smoke in non-smoking sections of restaurants. The same logic applies. Why should I be saddled with your problem? I do NOT want to share in the experience of rearing your children. Please do not attempt to force it on me by bringing your evil spawn to the movie theater or, in god's name, a frigging sports bar. A sports bar? What the hell is a 3 year old kid doing in a sports bar? I'm sorry you can't find a babysitter. You knew, dammit, you knew, that you would have to give up some things when you had children. If you don't want the things, call the child welfare office and tell them that if they don't come get the little darlings right this instant, you're going to stop feeding them. That should do the trick. If your children mind you and behave, fantastic. I'd love to meet them. If they scream a great deal, break things, and are unable to move at a slower pace than a sprint, leave them at home.

[email protected]

[clap...clap...clap] Bravo!

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