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Friday, June 22, 2001

Who wrote this sh#t, anyway?

[Also know as the very first post.  So if you want to start crawling through the archives, this is the place to start]

Chances are, unless there is a link or reference to somewhere else, the perpetrator is your's truly - David Bogner.

I live in Israel with my wife Zahava, our three gifted (natch') kids, and our two black Lab mixes; Jordan & Lulu.

Some of what you'll find here deals with the 'specialness' and reality of everyday life here in Israel. Other stuff dances around the periphery of subjects like fatherhood, husbandry (hmmm...maybe that's the wrong word), commuting, home improvement, and pet ownership.   Sadly, there is also some politics.

What's left are an assortment of links to web sites I frequent, and other bloggers that I follow. Keep in mind that while I enjoy visiting these places and reading these blogs - you might not. 'nuff said.

Feel like sharing?

Email Me.   Really.  I don't bite. 

What does Treppenwitz Mean?

Literally, it is German for 'the wisdom of the stairs'. What it means is 'The striking reply that crosses one's mind belatedly when already leaving, on the stairs'. People are often angry because they did not have the fitting answer directly during a conversation. The term is old, but it was made popular by W. Lewis Hertslet who published his book in 1882 entitled 'Treppenwitz der Weltgeschichte'. In that book, he writes: "Like to a petitioner who is just leaving after an audience, a piquant, striking words occurs to history almost always delayed."

Source: Munich University: Sabine Engelke - Idioms - Neues vom Treppenwitz (in German)

Who owns this thing, anyway?

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