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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It isn't what you do...

... it's who you do it to.

Syria has slaughtered tens of thousands of its own citizens in the street and all the world seems willing to do is issue 'strongly worded letters'.  But let Israel try to keep the terrorists in Gaza from receiving advanced weapons (while allowing the uninterrupted flow of humanitarian aid), and suddenly the moonbats are lining up to take part in flotillas to help the poor Gazans break the evil Israeli blockade.

In a 24 hour period of the Simchat Torah holiday this week, the Palestinians fired 55 rockets and mortars into Israel!  The only mention I saw was the New York Times negative article about Israel's retaliatory strike.

But let Syria fire four or five mortars into Turkey (A NATO member), and suddenly governments all over the west are lining up to offer condemnations and express their support of any and all retaliation by Turkey. 

Ironically, the historically good Israeli-Turkish relations soured because Ankara was shocked (shocked, I say!!!) about Israel's operation Cast Lead which was launched in response to unprovoked cross-border missile and mortar attacks!

If ever we needed proof that we should just ignore everyone and do whatever we need to do to ensure our own security, this is it.

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unfortunately, the government doesn't yet understand that simple concept as they bend over backwards trying to kiss their own a** to appease the world.

Posted by: Dave | Oct 10, 2012 9:35:48 PM

Maybe Israel should offer some military assistance to Turkey -- maybe that would restore the good relations! :-D

Posted by: ProphetJoe | Oct 10, 2012 9:50:08 PM

Her remarks were appropriate because Turkey was not doing something heinous.
Like issuing a low level permit for to construct apartments that Jews would be allowed to live in. You know, inexcusable stuff.

Posted by: ahad haamoratsim | Oct 12, 2012 5:15:22 PM

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