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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And they're off...

Okay, not a bad start.  In the end 54 people signed up for the treppenwitz 10k challenge.  However only 39 have actually logged on and entered their steps.  Hmmm... I'm guessing we have a few people who need to be shamed off the couch.  ;-)  Not that I'm naming names, mind you...

Anyway... anyone who would like to follow along with the daily results over the next month or so can go here and cheer on their favorite competitors.  I'm lost somewhere in the middle of the pack, so I'm going to have to take my game to the next level if I'm going to make a good showing (what with being the host, and all).

A few notes:

1.  If you had meant to sign up and got locked out (the registration closed when the competition began) don't worry.  Get yourself a good pedometer and start getting in shape.  There will be another challenge.  Soon.  With ever-more-glamorous prizes!

2.  Some of you have reported technical difficulties with your pedometers.  My advice is to play with it for a few hours and if it doesn't work properly, take it back and exchange it for a different model.  I personally have a mid-level model (Omrom Walking Style II) that I am very happy with, but there are lots of good pedometers out there.  Look for ones that can go in your pocket as well as be worn on your belt.  Trust me, you won't always want to have it on your belt where it can get knocked off or broken.  Also, look for ones that keep a 7 day memory of your steps so if you forget to record your steps for a day or two, you can still catch up with your record keeping.

3.  Looking at the graph on the competition page, here seems to be a wide range of endurance/experience in the current competition.  Don't be discouraged if you are near the bottom of the heap.  The competition is all about getting a good average over the month.  And even if your monthly average is not the best, you might be surprised by some of the award categories I have planned (i.e. most consistent, most improved, etc.)

4.  There will be ongoing shout outs on this site to anyone who spots me walking and sends me an email or comment giving the time and place of the sighting... as well as who I was walking with at the time.  Those of you outside of Israel can also participate in this game of 'trep spotting' since at my current weight I am clearly visible on Google Earth.

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thanks for doing this - i have even got the kids involved. they keep asking me how many steps to school, to the pool etc. this is fun!

Posted by: Hadassah | May 26, 2009 4:17:00 PM

I have a question about pedometers:

Are there any models that will count steps if you are a) marching in place b) stepping side to side c) doing knee-lifts?

Do they count if you take steps backward?

I work out at home, doing aerobics videos . ..

Posted by: Sarah B. | May 26, 2009 6:50:33 PM

Those of you outside of Israel can still participate in this game of 'trep spotting' since at my current weight I am clearly visible on Google Earth.

You're trying to drown me by getting me to laugh my liquid refreshments right up through my nose, aren't ya?!

Posted by: zahava | May 26, 2009 7:32:19 PM

I got the same pedometer and am very pleased. Some people asked if it measures steps if you march in place or if you walk backwards. My question is if it measures steps while I'm shokeling.

Oh, and about Shavuot...does anybody know how many steps it is from Baka to the Kotel?

Posted by: The Late Night Thinker | May 26, 2009 10:17:43 PM

Let me also thank you for this great challenge. It is good fun as well as healthy.

Posted by: Ilana-Davita | May 26, 2009 11:00:27 PM

David, thanks for the impetus...

I think those of us in chutz l'aretz need to get some sort of credit because we can't see you walking from over here...

Posted by: AidelMaidel | May 26, 2009 11:05:20 PM

I had to go up a few floors to get something at work. I felt the pedometer in my shirt pocket where I'm keeping it, and took the stairs instead of the elevator. After that experience I've learned... Oy, I'm out of shape!!! Maybe by the end of this time period, I'll be able to reach the top floor (9) without being short of breath...

Posted by: JDMDad | May 27, 2009 12:33:03 AM

david, I'm going to be a not nice person now, and say something very bluntly. If you are really serious about losing weight, a bit of walking is not going to help! seriously! also, it takes a long time, and given that all it will do is make you a little more fit, I really don't think it is worth the time. There are so many programs out there, like the body for life, or turbulence training, or simply anything which does resistance training, and only v little cardio, which are good for losing weight, and they don't take much time. I think if you did some form of more intense resistance training, and then some interval cardio, you could spend maybe max 3.5 hours a week, and get far far better results. Then again if you're eating badly, nothing you do will help :)

am I being horrible? I just think it's a pity to waste your time. It's good to get cardio fit, but the number of fat marathon runners should show you that slow cardio doesn't do much for weight loss.

by the by I aint a personal trainer, so these are just my personal thoughts. hope they're not too offensive!

Posted by: Katherine | May 27, 2009 10:08:37 AM

Hadassah... You should know better than to thank me... I'm a giver! ;-)

Sarah B.... Most pedometers should count steps while you march in place or even walk backwards. Knee lifts probably won't be counted unless you come down very hard after each lift.

zahava ... Clearly you didn't marry me for my looks or money. :-)

The Late Night Thinker ... You could walk it tonight and know for sure. :-)

Ilana-Davita... See my response to Hadassah. :-)

AidelMaidel ... What can I say... if ever there was a good reason to make aliyah this should be it! :-)

JDMDad... Remember... if it doesn't kill you, it is making you stronger. :-)

Katherine ... I appreciate the thought, but you obviously don't know me or my sense of humor. I am a little overweight... not a lot. I also piss my wife off to no end because whenever I want to lose weight, I do. It just drops off me as soon as I think about dieting and exercising. Lastly, my big problem really is that I don't get up and move around enough. Just walking at lunch time and in the evening is usually enough to start making the scale arrow go down, down, down. But I appreciate the concern.

Posted by: treppenwitz | May 27, 2009 10:46:13 AM


Methinks the best form of exercise for any given person is the one that the person will actually do.

Posted by: Sarah B. | May 27, 2009 6:50:38 PM

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